Oil Tanker Explodes

A Mexican oil tanker exploded. About 15 or 20 minutes later, lifeboats came down. The crew was able to evacuate. The fire broke out 13 kilometres off the Mexican coast in the Gulf of Mexico. This is not the first accident for this oil company. The people in the company say that they do not know why the tanker exploded.

Whale in Australia

A 12-metre whale got caught in a fishing net off Queensland, Australia. It was also stranded in shallow water. Rescue workers cut the net, and the whale was able to swim free with the help of a rising tide. It was not injured. Scratches aside, the whale was not injured by the stressful experience. Big whales like this one are frequent visitors to the Bay.

Water on Europa

Europa is one of Jupiter’s biggest moons. It is one of the candidates that could support life in our solar system. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope discovered water. It was spewed on the moon. In the mid-2020s, a NASA spacecraft will launch. It will fly near Europa more than 40 times to take pictures of it.

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