Signs that your low sex drive is due to something other than your relationship

Signs that your low sex drive is due to something other than your relationship

Low sex drive can be a signal of more serious problems, both physical and mental. Here are six signs that you should seek help for your decreased sex drive.

After many years together, sex can easily become an unimaginable routine - or even fail altogether. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sex life doesn't have to be boring - even though you've been together for a long time. Flirt with each other. Make it a habit to send playful, sexy messages to each other over the days. Then you both have something to long for when you get home… Create a mood. The lighting in the room does a lot. Light some candles or candle lights. Make sure the room is properly cleaned (toys everywhere can ruin any mood). And above all, turn off the TV! Kiss each other. Agree on sex bans for a certain period of time, as you only focus on kissing and foreplay. Abstaining from sex can upload your desire

Sex drive can vary significantly from person to person and is also greatly influenced by several factors, so no one is well sucked continually and constantly. An essential thing in this context is, of course, how you feel and how you experience your desire for sex. If you suffer from reduced sex drive, it can affect both your self-image and your relationship with your partner, and then it is time to investigate why this has become so.

Perhaps the first and most natural step is to investigate their relationship. Is there something that feels wrong, and is there anything you can do to boost your love and your physical interaction? Of course, that’s a big question, but once you’ve ruled out that’s where the main problem lies, the next step is to make an appointment with a doctor.

6 reasons to seek help for reduced sex drive:

1. You have noticed a change, but do not know why

Some have a higher sex drive than others, so it just is. But if you have had a stronger desire and it suddenly diminished without your understanding why, it may be a matter of questioning. For example, thyroid disorders, stress, depression, and fatigue are common causes for the desire to disappear. Often the symptoms go into each other, and it may be necessary to have a thorough examination to get to the bottom of the problem.

2. You feel bad about the lack of desire

Do not disturb your diminished desire, fine. But if it makes you feel bad or causes you problems in your relationship, you should investigate. The psychic press can, in turn, give rise to other health problems such as anxiety, pain, concentration problems, and poor sleep.

3. Sex hurts

If sex hurts, it becomes a bad spiral. However, it may be a sign of a deeper medical problem, such as endometriosis, myoma, or vestibulitis. But it may also have other more straightforward explanations, such as dry mucous membranes or a sexually transmitted disease, which can often be more efficiently helped by health care.

4. You consume medicines

Some medications may add to it for your sex life. Some of the most common are, for example, contraceptives and antidepressants, but unfortunately, there are a lot of medicines that have these side effects. If you assume this is the issue, you should check with your doctor if there is an alternative to switch to.

5. It feels like your hormones are out of balance

Hormone changes are a common cause of swaying sexual desire, and there can be several causes for this, something that a doctor’s visit can help you figure out. That the hormones are put off balance when you become pregnant or the first time after childbirth is perfectly natural, but if it does not return to normal within a reasonable time, you may need professional help. And the premortem can come sneaking and set it sooner than you expect.

6. You are not happy with your sex life

And perhaps most importantly – if you are not satisfied with your sex life, you should, of course, make sure to do something about it. Whether it is about seeking a doctor to correct yourself with physical or mental problems, or whether you need help to breathe life into the relationship again. Sex gives both pleasure and intimacy to the relationship when both parties feel lust, and those are things you don’t want to miss, right?

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