‘I don’t drink in January’: Is it useful to drop your drink for a month?

‘I don’t drink in January’: Is it useful to drop your drink for a month?

It doesn't help that you quit one out of the 12 months of the year, says an expert. You may notice changes in your body in relation to sleep, but it will disappear when you start drinking again.

If you generally drink a lot and maybe even daily, then a month's break can be a big help, especially for controlling your alcohol habits in the future.

Your liver also benefits from a break. Your liver can repair itself, and here a month without alcohol can help if you have to avoid cirrhosis over the years. If you have an abuse, you will also be able to see physiological effects after a month without alcohol such as lower and more stable blood pressure and less fat in the liver.

Looking back on the past month, it can feel like December was just about to feast. First, with all-round Christmas breakfasts, a proper city tour on December 25 to see all the friends and finally a very wet New Year’s Eve.

Now 2020 is underway, and you might think that you should turn down the parties and alcohol consumption a bit. How about jumping on the ‘ White January ‘ phenomenon? This means you drop liquor throughout January.

The National Board of Health is behind the call for a drink of soda instead of a beer.

But is a month without alcohol enough to save your health?

Not at all, says Janne Tolstrup, a professor at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark, where she researches alcohol.

– If you stop in January but continue in the same quantities from February to December, then it will be of no use. It’s not the lifestyle you have for a short period that is critical to your health, she says.

There are short-term effects

Janne Tolstrup explains that there is not much research that has investigated the effect of drinking alcohol for a month if you have a healthy relationship with the fun drops.
But you may notice a difference in the body. It may be that you get to sleep better and have nicer skin.

– If you do not ruin your daily rhythm every weekend by sleeping poorly due to liquor intake, then you will experience better sleeping during January, says Janne Tolstrup and continues:

– Your skin may also feel nicer, but it’s not necessarily just because you’ve cut away alcohol. Also, there is no likelihood of you eating unhealthy at night on the way home from the city, which can also make the skin look knocked out. But it is a short pleasure until you start up the old habits.

‘White January’ allows you to notice

If we look at mental health, then ‘White January’ may be an opportunity to notice.

Especially if you can feel it is hard to get through a whole month without alcohol.

– If you are in trouble for coping with a period without alcohol, it is a matter of thought.

– Alcohol addiction is a hazardous disease that is extremely difficult to come to life. It’s an insidious disease that can affect anyone

If you have been drinking often and very intensely, then ‘White January’ is an opportunity to clean the board. And here you may find that it is difficult to do without alcohol. You have to respond to that.

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