5 Stop Smoking Aids To Help You Quit

5 Stop Smoking Aids To Help You Quit

Quitting smoking is an essential decision you can make to improve your health. If you have the right support from the start, your chances of success increase.

The most important thing to successfully quit smoking is that you are motivated. Strong motivation also reduces withdrawal problems.

Drugs increase the chance of becoming smoke-free. Those who use drugs to help quit smoking can double your chances of success. The most common drugs are chewing gums or patches containing nicotine. They reduce the craving for cigarettes. You who are 18 years of age can buy them yourself at a grocery store or a pharmacy. There are also medicines without nicotine, which you can get prescribed by a doctor.

Below are some concrete steps from the European HELP program for tobacco control.

Prepare to quit smoking

To succeed in your first smoke-free day is much easier if you prepare carefully. Choose a smoking cessation date that you then stick to. In this situation, you may want to write down your motives for quitting smoking.

  • What do you want to achieve?
    What do you win?
    How much money do you save per month?
    What should you buy for the money you save?

Choose the right support for you in smoking cessation

Quitting smoking is a challenge for many. Turn to someone who has a good track of what help is available. Stop smoking line is a free alternative. Specialist trained staff can also be supported at health centers, dental clinics, and pharmacies. Here you also get advice based on your situation and lifestyle and guidance on various alternatives such as:

  • Selection of nicotine substitutes and other drugs.
    Smokers and support groups
    Alternative therapies such as hypnosis and acupuncture

Exercise at smoking cessation

Exercise helps your body cope with the desire for smoking while increasing your confidence and well-being.

Stay busy with things you feel good about.

Keep track of weight when you stop smoking

If you feel that you need to lose weight, it is useful if you first stop smoking. It’s better to reach one goal at a time. If you gain weight when you try to quit smoking, decide to do something about the weight gain as soon as you quit smoking.

In the meantime, make sure you move as much as possible and eat healthier.

Discover the benefits of quitting smoking step by step

The body recovers a short time after you stop smoking. The cough and other breathing problems you may have are rapidly getting better.

Already after one year, the risk of heart attack is reduced by about 25 percent.

Lung function improves after smoking cessation, but at the very beginning, some people experience an increase in cough and mucus. It is a sign of freshness and is because the lungs and respiratory tract have begun to seal out the remains of tar and other particles that have accumulated there.

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