9 tips for a calmer and happier stomach

9 tips for a calmer and happier stomach

Many suffer from indigestion after eating certain foods without having any allergic or non-allergic hypersensitivity. It can simply depend on how, when and where you eat. Here are tips for a happier, calmer tummy.

Stomach, bloating, constipation, gases, anxiety - and so on. Many suffer from stomach problems without having a diagnosis despite repeated medical visits.

Food that is not broken down can ferment in the gut and cause disarray. When the intestinal contents ferment, gases are formed that can make the stomach bloated and painful. Our digestion consists of a large number of different functions that will work together to transform the food into nutrition best. The digestive process starts already in the mouth. Then the food is handled all the way to the rectum where the residual products leave the body.

Prolonged digestive problems can eventually lead to you developing increased sensitivity to certain foods, even if you are not allergic or hypersensitive. In other words, it is worth taking care of the stomach and keeping it calm.

Indigestion can be due to…

You feel stressed when you eat.

  • You do not chew the food enough, which in turn does not stimulate digestion properly.
  • You “swallow” air while eating.
  • You have a lack of hydrochloric acid, which is one of the most critical components of proper digestion.

The best way to get a happier, calmer stomach is to become aware of how, when and where you eat.

Keep in mind that…

  • Spend a few minutes preparing the food beautifully – we also eat with the eye.
  • Focus your attention on where it should be, on the menu.
  • Don’t eat in front of your computer or phone as they distract your attention from the dining experience.
  • Eat under calm conditions.
  • Avoid walking and eating. This creates a risk of discomfort in the abdomen with a feeling of bloating as a result.
  • Chew the food at least 20 times to start digestion before the food lands in the stomach.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of food. Drink more before or after a meal instead.
  • Wait for the saturation feeling before taking an extra portion. The saturation signal comes after about 20 minutes. When we are stressed, it is easy for us to overeat in a short period.
  • Feel free to use digestive enzymes at every meal to help ease a strained system of handling the food.
  • Supplements of probiotics and prebiotics help balance the gut flora and thus the body’s ability to control what you eat. Probiotics and prebiotics also counteract inflammation by strengthening the intestinal barrier function while increasing the production of anti-inflammatory agents.

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