Scientists: Our Body Temperature Drops

Scientists: Our Body Temperature Drops

Researchers at the University of Standford state that our body temperature has dropped by 0.6 degrees since the Industrial Revolution. Why?

Body temperature is not where it once was, research shows.

Because we are healthier. Better dental health, cleanliness, fewer cases of tuberculosis, pneumonia and syphilis are believed to be partly behind the reduction in temperature according to the researchers.

When the normal temperature of 37 degrees was set, man lived a relatively short life and more often suffered from chronic inflammation and diseases, which may have led to the temperature being somewhat higher than now.

Old standard

The standard for body temperature was set in 1851 and the research was based on millions of values taken by people living in the German city of Leipzig. According to the new research published by researchers at Stanford University, our body temperature has slowly but steadily decreased by 0.03 degrees Celsius per decade. They base the new research on information from the last 157 years, starting with research on veterans of the American Civil War. In total, the study includes measurements conducted on over 189,000 Americans.

The scientists behind the research believe this is an essential marker for future understanding of human health and longevity

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