Vitamin D deficiency can cause serious illness

Vitamin D deficiency can cause serious illness

Research shows that there are several diseases and vitamin D deficiencies. The risk of shortages is particularly high up here in the north. How important is it to eat vitamin D supplements?

Low vitamin D levels represent an overlooked and serious risk factor for a wide range of chronic diseases. Despite repeated insults about the importance of updated guidelines in the area, responsible authorities do not act.

Vitamin D is unique among the vitamins because it is a steroid hormone, the same as our sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. We only have 30,000 genes in the body, and vitamin D affects 2,000 of them, which shows how important it is! We naturally get a lot of the vitamin in the summer when we sunbathe, and it helps to keep us healthy and healthy. It is for this reason that we are iller during the winter months when the sun's rays are weak. Vitamin D is needed for emotional and psychological stability to get a stable nervous system and a healthy heartbeat. It is essential for thyroid function - for the production of thyroxine - and deficiency results in lower energy levels. It also helps the skin breathe and strengthens the liver and bile.

There is a link between different disease states and vitamin D deficiency. In patients with Alzheimer’s, childhood diabetes, colon cancer, Parkinson’s, obesity, autism, and schizophrenia, vitamin D deficiency is not uncommon.

Mats Humble, senior lecturer, researcher, psychiatrist, and doctor of medicine at Örebro University, works out the terms in the program “Malou after ten” on TV4.

The question is controversial

But why is the issue of vitamin D deficiency so contentious? Mats Humble, says that the studies have a hard time showing what the cause is and what the effect is. In other words, it is difficult to determine whether these individuals have developed the disease due to low levels of vitamin D or whether the disease itself is causing vitamin D deficiency.

– I believe you have to think a little bit about this and not stare blindly at this kind of method, because everything shows that our ancestors who lived as hunters had about twice as high levels as today’s people in western Europe of vitamin D, Mats says in the TV show.

Deficiencies can have serious consequences

Vitamin D, which is also a hormone with steroid effects, like our sex hormones, is involved in many bodily processes, and deficiencies make the body unable to function normally. More and more doctors are advocating higher doses of vitamin D, and research shows that deficiency can have serious consequences.

The immune system, bone structure, muscle strength, and cognitive ability are all dependent on vitamin D to maintain normal function. Vitamin D also protects against many different cancers. The vitamin is also essential for energy conversion, the formation of thyroxine, and the thyroid’s ability to work normally. There has been a link between depression, depression, and suicide, and lack of vitamin D.

Finland is prescribed vitamin D for up to 18 years

In Sweden, we have long had foods enriched with vitamin D such as butter and milk. As a rule, Finland has not done so. Instead, they choose to prescribe vitamin D supplements to children up to the age of 18. Not just in winter, but all year round.

The diet compensated for fewer sun hours

Through evolution, people in northern latitudes have developed lighter skin to more easily absorb the sun’s rays and form vitamin D in the skin. Also, a traditional Scandinavian diet has been rich in vitamin D. Our ancestors ate very fatty fish, which is a good source of vitamin D and which has proven to be successful in an evolutionary perspective. Most vitamin D is obtained by eating eel, salmon, mackerel, and other fatty fish. Among the leaner fish, it is mainly perch and pike that are rich in vitamin D.

Half an hour in the sun

Half an hour when the sun is high in the sky is enough to meet the daily need for vitamin D in the summer. The larger the skin area that is exposed, the better. In other words, to completely protect yourself from the sun’s rays because you are afraid of skin cancer is not a good idea. However, it is good to know that it is the same type of radiation that produces vitamin D in the skin that also increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it is essential not to overdo the tanning. For a very light-skinned person, a quarter of the sun may suffice, and for the darker complexion, longer sun exposure is required to provide sufficient vitamin D.

Stored in the body

Vitamin D is built up and stored in the body during the summer sun exposure. The summer storage can last for quite a while, about until Christmas, Mats says, but the level gradually drops. The recommendation is to eat vitamin D during the winter months and until April approximately.

How much vitamin D you need to eat?

Mats Humble believes that many of the vitamin D supplements sold at, among other pharmacies, contain far too low a dose of vitamin D, to be worth eating. The dose of vitamin D that is often found in multivitamin preparations can protect against severe vitamin D deficiency but is not at all sufficient to compare with the levels that you get through the sun in the summer. A dose of 50 micrograms or 2000 international units (IU) is a good daily dose. Lower dose than that is not pay. He would eat 3000 IU a day, even in the summer, if the sunshine hours were few. The best supplements are found at health food stores, Mats says.

Risk groups for developing a deficiency

– Throughout the winter season, the sun in Sweden is too low for a chance to form any vitamin D, says Mats in the TV show.

Some specific groups are at increased risk of developing severe vitamin D deficiency. The risk zone includes people who, for various reasons, avoid the sun, wear full cover, and have darker skin. Also, vegans can suffer from severe vitamin D deficiency since the vegan diet contains no vitamin D.

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