Addiction and Abuse: Help is just a push of a button away

Addiction and Abuse: Help is just a push of a button away

Today, one-third of a health care center has no psychologist or care contract with a private practicing psychologist, even though one-third of the patients seek help for mental illness. Where you live should not determine what support you receive. With simple digital tools, we can change this.

The study is the largest European study of its kind and comprises a total of 22,000 people aged 12-49 in five countries; Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Denmark. The focus was on examining the possible abuse of sedatives or strong painkillers

The large study reveals that between eleven and twelve percent of Swedes have abused or abused prescription drugs in the sedatives and strong painkillers. Six percent of Swedes have even abused ADHD medication. Of those who abuse prescription drugs, between sixty and seventy percent of people buy or steal these preparations from family members or friends and acquaintances. Between three and seven percent can obtain the drug-classed drugs through internet purchases.

Psychiatric diagnosis is both the most common cause of sick leave and has the longest sick leave. Longer than both cardiovascular and tumor diseases.

– Forty-four percent of all sick leave today is due to mental illness. It is a tremendous cost to society and that everything you can do to prevent it will save enormous resources of society. Mental illness also has a negative impact on family and relationships. At worst, it can lead to suicide. The tragic thing is that there are problems that could be treated if help had been obtained, explains psychologist Johannes Hatem, founder of Mindler.

There is a legal requirement that all health centers around the country must offer psychology services. But many times, it is difficult to find psychologists when applying for public care; many are referred to private care. It is not the shortage of psychologists that is the biggest problem; instead of that, the supply is unevenly distributed.

– If you live in a smaller town, it is often challenging to obtain specialized care. When you seek help for your mental illness, you need to contact a psychologist immediately. After a month, it may be too late. It may also be that you are looking for help for something right now, but that you then cannot cope with. It can lead to a negative development.

One stigma

It is difficult to measure how mental illness is distributed as different people talk a lot about it. A report from the National Board of Health and Welfare shows that mental illness is more common in older women and men over 65 than in people between 18 and 64 years. Other groups that are not always noticed are people with disabilities, people with risk use, and people who care for or support a relative.

Johannes Hatem thinks that instead of mentally ill health, you should talk about mental health. It can lead to people getting better at asking for help.

– It shouldn’t be so hushed with going to a psychologist. Seeking help for your mental health should not be anything strange; you should be able to talk about it in the same way you talk about a doctor’s visit for your physical health.

The step becomes smaller

At the government level, we have now started talking about how to make the care available and make it fairer. Then digital solutions are what have been taken up as a leading example. But SKL has decided to lower the compensation for digital healthcare services.

– This is partly due to the infected debate about online medical services. Now they will also reduce the payment for the psychology services. Just that decision feels unfounded. Digital services are likely to solve this problem. Then it is very strange that they put sticks in the wheels.

Digital development dissolves the boundaries of what was previously impossible. Now it’s easier to get continuity. In the past, you may not have had time to go to a psychologist, now that you can do it digitally, that obstacle disappears.

– Development is moving forward. If you feel bad, you sometimes can’t even get out of bed. Then it is useful if you can get help without having to leave home. Some physically cannot get to the care or get professional contact because they live in a place where they cannot offer it. I think digital solutions will lead to more daring to take the step to seek help as it becomes more easily accessible.

Whoever you are and wherever you are in the country, you should be able to get customized care and that with the touch of a button.

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