This year’s pollen season can be long – start treatment well in advance

This year’s pollen season can be long – start treatment well in advance

The unusually mild winter has hardly escaped anyone, and the heat now seems to have also started the year's pollen season, which risks becoming very long. For pollen allergists, it is preferable to start medicating against their allergy even before you feel the symptoms.

If you know that you have problems during the pollen season, you will gain from starting your medication early. Medication as usual or more during the actual season helps temporarily but it is good to take your medicine already during the earlier part of spring

The winter of the year has so far been unusually mild, which has caused the hazel bushes to bloom, among other things.

According to the Swedish Museum of Natural History, which measures pollen values ​​and reports these in the Pollen Report, it can lead to people who are sensitive to pollen to feel trouble even though it is only January.

Alar is also expected if the heat keeps up soon to start spreading pollen. Al, elm, willow, and birch, however, do not bloom as easily as the hazel bush, which only needs a few warm and sunny days to get started.

The pollen season has started sneakily

An on-duty biologist at the Natural History Museum, says that the pollen season is not running but that you can clearly say that it has started in its own way.

For pollen allergists, this is sad news as it means that the pollen season is year-round mainly, due to the mild weather.

With the amount of pollen, the symptoms increase

Common symptoms of allergy sufferers are the runny and itchy nose, ear pain, and runny eyes.

As the pollen volume increases, the symptoms also increase, and therefore the Natural History Museum recommends that the pollen reports be actively monitored. By keeping track of the pollen report, you can prepare yourself with drug treatment if pollen allergy is present.

Whether the season actually gets short or long depends entirely on the weather and remains to be seen, but if the cold lasts, the season’s season risks getting really long.

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