We cannot avoid becoming addicted!

We cannot avoid becoming addicted!

If no one starts smoking or using tobacco in any other form, the risk of someone starting to use alcohol or heavier illegal drugs decreases. The relationships are clear, but maybe a little hard to realize.

Sore, bleeding gums, painful chewing and bad breath - people who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from gum disease. The more they smoke, the greater the risk of being affected. In addition, bad gums are the most common cause of tooth loss.

Skin. Smoking causes skin to age faster. The skin of a 40-year-old smoker may look like that of a 70-year-old non-smoker. This premature aging is nothing you can do undone, once the damage is done there is no return. Smoking can also make the condition of the skin worse in most skin diseases, including skin cancer.

The eyes. By smoking, the risk of suffering from age changes in the yellow spot is twice as great. In the case of changes in the yellow spot, the central field of vision deteriorates and for example, it becomes difficult to read, write and see people's faces. In addition, the risk is three times as great as suffering from cataracts if you smoke, a disease that causes blurred vision.

Nine out of ten smokers have started using tobacco as teenagers. The tobacco industry attracts young people to test tobacco by flavoring it with a variety of appealing flavors and selling the products in fun and trendy packaging. The tobacco can taste buttercream, popcorn, and, of course, mint, and it can look like makeup boxes or ice hockey pucks. The new e-cigarettes and HNB products can look different, for example, as a USB memory stick. No adult then suspects that a child has started smoking if it seems like a computer accessory.

What happens in the young brain when nicotine is spread in the blood? The brain reacts directly and gets injured, and younger people are more adversely affected than adults. We know that those who are addicted to nicotine much more easily test eg, alcohol and may become addicted to alcohol. The addicts trigger each other as they are the same receptors in the brain. We know that those affected by alcohol can be attracted to and persuaded to test different drugs.

Together it can become reality

There is a tobacco convention that Sweden signed already in 2005, which deals with how the world’s countries can together curb the tobacco epidemic and protect current and future generations from the health, social, environmental, and economic consequences of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke. All the measures that have proven effective are contained in 38 articles of the Convention. It is only to put into reality, usually through political decisions by a country’s government and parliament.

Tobacco-free schooling reduces the number of smokers

What we can do in Sweden, for example, is to introduce Tobacco-Free School Time in all schools and universities. Each principal can make that decision on his or her own since no political decision is needed to implement such a rule.

It is proven that tobacco use is contagious in school. If you do not smoke or use other tobacco during school hours, the risk of students starting to use it is seen as something unnecessary and uninteresting.

For more than 25 years, there has been a law in Sweden on Smoke-Free Schools. Unfortunately, it is not complied with.

Norway introduced Tobacco-Free School Time some time ago, and the result has shown that smoking has almost completely stopped among the students in high school and high school. Norway has also enacted other laws that restrict tobacco use, such as introducing tobacco packages without advertising, and with warning images, they have also raised the price, which has led to a reduction in smoking in the youth group.

Adults have a great responsibility

Advertising for alcohol attracts drinking, although there are sometimes non-alcoholic alternatives in the pictures. Why should we be exposed to these advertisements in newspapers? It is strange that e-cigarettes can have cannabis flavor and that the containers are decorated with cannabis leaves. What does it send for signals? The Tobacco Act is a protection law that is intended to protect our children and young people. Alcohol must not be sold to young people, and other drugs are entirely illegal.

We, adults, have a great responsibility to help our children and young people avoid becoming addicted to drugs.

Together we can do it!

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