How to Prevent Getting Gallstones Naturally

How to Prevent Getting Gallstones Naturally

What about the bane after the weekends? Gallstone disease has so far been a mystery. It is now increasingly understood why gallstones are formed and how gallstones can be prevented.

Avoid fruits such as apples and pears as they can trigger gall problems with stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea as a result. Vitamin C deficiency has been found to raise the risk of gallstones. Recent findings suggest that the gastric ulcer bacterium Helicobacter pylori may be associated with gallstones.

Bile disorders can be due to many different things. A common problem is if you have a mucosal reaction that causes the mucous membranes to be affected. This may be due to intolerances to foods or other problems in mucous membranes such as lungs, intestines, and more. Namely, all mucous membranes belong together, and if you have problems in the gut or the lungs, the mucous membranes in the biliary tract will also react. Often the bile cannot appear as it should and then clumps form.

People who quickly lose weight or who do not exercise more often get gallstones,” says Curt Einarsson, professor and researcher at gallstones at the Gastrocentrum at Huddinge University Hospital.

There, among other things, research is done on overweight who have obesity surgery and on hereditary factors behind gallstones. Of about 20 obese patients, half have seen cholesterol crystals – a precursor to gallstones – or gallstones the following year. Patients had quickly lost about 20 kilos in weight.

Cholesterol crystals form most gallstones in the bile. Man, as a species, has too much cholesterol in the bile.

– However, in the obese operative, we did not find that cholesterol increased further after the operation. On the other hand, we saw that the mucus formation in the gallbladder wall increased, and it was observed that the gallbladder contracted worse. It increased the risk of gallstones.

The mucus binds cholesterol crystals. After the operation, you ate less with food and less fat.

– It makes the gallbladder drain worse. This makes gallstones easier to form. This also applies to other people who eat less and quickly lose weight, such as those who work joints. It’s best to lose weight slowly, at most 1.5 kilos a week, says Curt Einarsson.

■ Fat-rich foods can trigger gallstones and gallstones. How important is it to eat low fat?

– We should generally reduce fat, especially saturated. At the same time, we need a certain amount of fat. The gallbladder, for example, needs grease to be able to empty itself more efficiently. If we eat too little fat, it will be depleted. It increases the risk of gallstones.

■ What about dietary advice?

– It would help if you avoided what can trigger gall problems, such as smoked and fatty foods, apples, pears, and green peppers. We do not know what prevents gallstones. Vitamin C deficiency has been shown to reduce cholesterol degradation and increase the risk of stone formation. But if gallstones can be prevented with extra supplements of vitamin C, which we in the West do not lack, we do not know.

■ Can we then prevent gallstones with more exercise?

– Yes. It seems so. Regular exercise has beneficial effects on insulin levels, blood sugar, and blood fats. It counteracts gallstones.

New findings now indicate that the gastric ulcer bacterium Helicobacter pylori may also be associated with gallstones.

In a study at Linköping University Hospital, 20 surgical gallstones were analyzed.

Eleven of them found inherited mass from the gastric ulcer bacterium, which was found in the innermost layers of the stones.

– The bacterium thrives in the acidic environment found in the stomach but also in the gallbladder, which also produces acid.

– We still do not know what it can mean for how gallstones are formed, says Professor Joar Svanvik, who is behind the study.

His research group also found that the stones generally grew for nine years before they began to cause any problems.


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