Brain Forget? That’s why you forget things

Brain Forget? That’s why you forget things

Everybody suffers from occasional brain erase. It can be anything from the name of your favourite gown and the word "remote control" to that one ... what is it called again? Yes, you do. But why is it happening?

The brain may be fantastic but it is also extremely easy-going and witty. Have you gone from one room to another with a specific task in mind and then completely forget why you are there?

Doors make you forget. You sit in front of the TV eating popcorn and suddenly feel thirsty. You leave the living room in search of a glass of water, but the moment you enter the kitchen the brain becomes completely empty. There you are, the handcuffs in the doorway and have no idea why you are there. Maybe you can think "Am I insane?". No, you are (probably) not. The bow is, the door. The Healthy site refers to research from the University of Notre Dame that shows that door openings can cause sudden memory loss. Namely, moving from one room to another can trigger a so-called "event limit" in the brain. It completely decides sonica to archive the thoughts you had in the living room and start over in the next room again.

This kind of sudden “I have it on my tongue” moment can be extremely frustrating. Especially when it comes to such basic things as our partner’s first name or what we ate for breakfast this morning.

Suddenly, things that we really have a hard time disappear. It is unpleasant but quite natural, it all happens at regular intervals. So you are not about to enter a dementia fog.

Why do we suffer from brain forget

There is no simple answer as to why the brain suddenly becomes blank, but there are, of course, several theories and possible causes.

Blocking: You have probably experienced this on many occasions. You know when you try to come up with the name of an actor but get up ALL the names except the one you are actually looking for? That’s because when we try to remember something, similar memories happen to bubble up to the surface and block.

Example: You search for the name of a Will Ferrell movie but are reminded instead of three different Seth Rogen films and Will Ferrell drowns in the information flow.

Interference: The first study on the subject was carried out as early as 1892 by the German John A Bergstrom. The theory is that short-term memory sabotages the long-term memory and vice versa.

Example: You move to a new address but continue to write your old address. Or maybe you learn a new song on guitar and suddenly find it hard to remember earlier songs you could play.

Stress can affect

However, it is not always about a cognitive brain hiccup. Stress can affect large parts of the body, and so does the memory.

– When we feel stressed, whether it is physical, mental or emotional pressure, the parts of the brain that are important for survival are strengthened. The less critical parts are pushed down, says conversation coach Courtney Rodriguez.

When the stress hormone cortisol is released in the body, our fight or flight response jumps. And although it is rarely a life or death situation, the body can react strongly.

The answer may come several hours later

If you’ve ever experienced a mental blockage, you know that the brain has an annoying tendency to come to life much later. Suddenly you remember the name of that actress, but then the conversation where you needed the information was already over for a long time.

KBT psychologist Paul DePompo compares it to a computer that freezes.

– Just like a computer, we sometimes need people to restart, he says.

It may feel like the memory comes back entirely randomly, but that is not always the case. 

Your previous brain erase will also be stored as a memory. A few hours later, there may be something in the area that reminds you of the event, and suddenly the brain has the answer that was previously missing.


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