Cats are as loyal to their owners as dogs

Cats are as loyal to their owners as dogs

Do you belong to those who see the dog as a loyal, loving companion and cats as beautiful but independent creatures who barely tolerate us? In that case, it is time to think again, because new research shows that cats have an undeserved "bad" reputation, because they attach to their owners as much as dogs.

The studies show that most children indicate an animal when they list their ten most important relationships, it is clear that family pets can be a great security

Reduces the risk of allergies in children. More research is being done about the relationship between animals and humans and about the animals' positive impact on us. It has been found that children who grow up with pets have better immune systems and are less likely to suffer from allergies, compared to children who do not live with animals.

The result of the study may not come as a surprise to those living with cats, but it shows two important things. First, we seem to have underestimated how close cats attach to their owners. Also, it shows that dogs do not have a monopoly on having a safe, social contact with humans.

Cats feel safe with their owners

“Like dogs, cats exhibit social flexibility in their attachment to humans,” says animal scientist Kristyn Vitale of Oregon State University. “Most cats are tied to their owners and use them as a source of security in a new environment. “

In a behavioral experiment, the research team observed how cats respond to their owners in an environment unknown to cats.

Experiments with cats and kittens

A similar test has now been performed on 79 kittens and 38 adult cats. First, the cat and its owner were placed in a room, with the human sitting in a marked circle. If the cat entered the circle, the owner could interact with the cat. After two minutes, the cat was left alone. After another two minutes, the owner returned to the room to sit in the circle again. The entire experiment was filmed, and the researchers studied the video to analyze the cat’s behavior.

Preference for socializing over toys

The adult cats participated only once, while the kittens were tested twice – once initially and two months later, after some of them had undergone socialization training. 

The result shows that some cats’ ability to bond was at par with an infant, and others were at the same level as dogs. In the past, studies by the same research team have shown that cats are not at all as distant as they are often produced. In fact, they are both social and loving, and they prefer to interact with people over both toys and food.

Expressing love in their own way

The results of the new study suggest that cats have both the ability and the necessary attributes to connect deeply with humans. It’s just that their way of expressing it differs from the dogs.

“In my opinion, it’s important to spend time with your cat and see what happens. I think many people have a notion that cats are all the same, but there is a great variation in the species,” says Kristyn Vitale, who facilitated the study.

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