The movie “The Game Changers – a milestone in the green diet”

The movie “The Game Changers – a milestone in the green diet”

The documentary film "The Game Changers" has since its premiere inspired many known and unknown people to take the step and change to a more plant-based or vegan diet. The vegan diet - and the movie - has received unjustified harsh criticism from more or less self-appointed experts.

More studies indicate that the plant-based diet has great benefits for our environment as well as our health. Everyone may not be made to be vegan, but most people still feel good about eating more fruit and vegetables.

The result shows that people who can afford to eat a whole plant-based diet consisting of whole vegetables and fruits and free of processed foods show significant improvements in several health markers after eight weeks. This shows the study published in the journal Nutrients. Health markers were measured before and after. Researchers gave 79 people advice on entirely plant-based eating both at individual meetings and in group meetings for eight weeks. Among the participants, a third were already vegans or vegetarians. Blood pressure, weight and markers in the blood were measured at the start and after the end of the test period.

Last fall, the documentary ” The Game Changers ” premiered and can be seen today on iTunes and Netflix. Big names like James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan have co-produced the film. The key message is that we do not need animal protein to train hard. Health benefits from a plant-based diet are also raised, as are benefits for the environment.

Highly regarded doctors, scientists and elite athletes are interviewed. Moving and inspiring personal stories are interspersed with charts that summarize research in the field.

Not unexpectedly, the film has inspired many to eat more or completely from the plant kingdom. Aftonbladet’s Oscar Forsberg and this year’s environmental hero Magnus Carlson are some who have spoken publicly about this and Therese Alshammar has paid tribute to the film. Even Dolph Lundgren eat vegan after watching the movie and talked about all the benefits he experienced – including sex life improved. Recently, swimming star Sarah Sjöström went out and told her that she has started eating vegetarian and is continuously breaking new records in the gym. The inspiration came primarily from Lars Frölander and Therese Alshammar.

The knowledge that an entirely plant-based diet – with the addition of B-12 – is nutritious at all stages of life is beginning to spread more. The more we eat from the plant kingdom, the more environment and health benefit. 

In light of this, more people start to feel uneasy about supporting an industry that breeds sentient beings, produces them under horrible conditions, and then kills them at an early age. The message from “The Game Changers” – that we can continue to train intensively without supporting this industry is, of course, a great relief. 

Personally, I think the movie will be a milestone when the story is rewritten in the green diet that is currently underway.

But some react negatively to the film’s message. In the United States, it is primarily an article in Men’s Health that has been widely circulated, as well as a blog post from a training nutritionist named Layne Norton. The former has received answers from James Loomis and the other from Garth Davis, both doctors and experts involved in “The Game Changers”.

In the EU, negative noises have also been heard. Aftonbladet called the movie a “vegan sermon” and DN’s review was in the same style. The LCHF blog Diet Doctor has written two negative articles, one review and one article with supplementary objections to the film’s message – complaints without actual value in my opinion.

On his blog Training, the training profile Jacob Gudiol in a review criticized “The Game Changers”. The blog is recurring negative towards vegetarian in general and vegan in particular. 

The organization Doctors for the Future,  where I am chairman, is happy to raise health benefits with utterly plant-based eating. We are considered to be a “propaganda machine for veganism” (Many in Doctors of the Future are not vegans, but I am the one who wonders).

The review adds a large body of text to show that protein intake is reduced, despite being considered sufficient for a vegan and that it complains of the lack of practical guidance. 

The film’s narrator James Wilks is described as a “random athlete with no previous education in the field” – a description that could fit in quite well with Gudiol himself. It is speculated that James Wilks would not have read any scientific studies but only looked at youtube clips. It is pointed out that the personal stories in the film are not scientific evidence even though no one has claimed this. He further speculates that tests in the film where the blood became cloudy after an animal meal than after a vegan would be rigged with more fat in the animal.

Personally, I advise everyone to see “The Game Changers”, especially if you have the ambition to reduce the amount of animals in the diet and want some more inspiration. The science presented in the film is solid and interpreted correctly. 

This is also pointed out in an analysis of the film that was published in Svenska Dagbladet this week. But no one in the movie claims this. Otherwise, most of the film gets reserved support in the analysis.

Literature reviews have shown that a vegetarian diet does not impair the performance, something that has been endorsed by the Swedish Olympic Committee, or advantages are indicated as in this study. Looking at the preliminary data available, I do not rule out that future research may show increased performance as a result of a plant-based diet, but it remains to be seen.

But if we at least know that our performance is not deteriorating, isn’t a plant-based diet a natural choice even when we exercise? After all, we do not want to degrade our health, destroy the environment or unnecessarily harm innocent beings. 

By allowing our meals to be entirely plant-based, we put these values into action.

 Let’s listen more to these values and less to those who, sometimes loudly and aggressively, want to promote continued carnivorous eating at all costs.

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