Keep an eye out for early warning signs of cancer

Keep an eye out for early warning signs of cancer

Too many people fail to seek medical attention, even though they have early signs of cancer, and it costs millions of lives. Cancer experts give you here 10 early warning lights and have one advice: Go to a doctor before it's too late!

Diet causes one third of all cancer Increases the risk of being affected by more than 30 percent - but only for certain cancers.

Some types of cancer are likely to be more pea-sized than researchers previously known. Our greatest role seems to be our inheritance when it comes to cancer of the testes, prostate and breast - as well as some type of skin cancer. It shows a new study published in the prestigious medical journal JAMA. Several studies show that lifestyle and diet have a lot of influence. Our genes are essential. And it's not just that we may look like a mum in the body, dad in the eye, that we have inherited grandfather's quick thinking or grandmother's peculiar humor - no, it also applies to things we would instead not want to inherit at all. The researchers behind a new study have come to the conclusion that our biological heritage means more than previously thought when it comes to the occurrence of certain cancers.

Up to 50 percent of all people ignore physical symptoms and problems that may be the first warning signs of a cancer disease.

It shows a study conducted by Cancer Research UK according to the English newspaper The Independent.

The reason why so many people choose not to go to the doctor is, according to the study, that they are afraid of “wasting the doctor’s time”.

Here are the warning signs of cancer

These symptoms can be the first sign of cancer: Persistent cough, hoarseness or difficulty swallowing

  • Knots under the skin
  • Chronic or persistent diarrhea or constipation
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Ulcers on the body that do not heal
  • Blood in the vomit, urine or feces
  • Bleeding outside the menstrual period
  • The feeling of not being able to empty the bowel during a toilet visit
  • Birthmarks that grow change color or shape
  • Persistent and unexplained painĀ 

Cancer must be detected early

In the study conducted by Cancer Research UK of 1? 700 Britons over 50 years, more than 50 percent had had one or more of the early warning signs without having consulted a doctor.

The vast majority had avoided visiting doctors because they were afraid to waste their doctor’s time or be considered hypochondriacs. Still, some avoided it for fear that it might be cancer.

And then there was a large group that just hoped that the symptoms and problems would pass by themselves.

But avoiding seeking medical advice is the worst thing you can do if you do any of the earlier warning signs, says Dr. Richard Roope to The Independent:

“Often, the symptoms are not related to cancer, but if they are, a quick diagnosis means more chances for a successful treatment.”

Always consult your doctor if you have cancer symptoms

The symptoms in the list can be early signs of all forms of cancer – including lung, throat, bowel, lymph, prostate, breast, and skin cancers.

And according to Dr. Richard Roope from Cancer Research UK has one – and only one – good advice on finding out that you have the smallest sign of cancer:

“If you are the least sure, be sure to be examined with the same. It is never a waste of the doctor’s time when it comes to cancer!”

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