AI-developed drugs are tested on humans

AI-developed drugs are tested on humans

For the first time, a new drug molecule developed by AI will begin to be tested on humans. The drug is supposed to relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The first medicine in the world developed using artificial intelligence will now begin to be tested on humans. The first experiment with the medicine will take place in Japan.

It usually takes around five years before a new drug is ready to be tested on humans. But the drug now developed using AI has made that journey in just a year.

It is a drug molecule, DSP-1181, developed using algorithms that screened potential compounds by using an extensive database of different parameters.

“AI has previously been used to diagnose patients and to analyse patient data and X-ray images. Here, AI has been used in the creation of a new drug,” says Professor Andrew Hopkins, CEO of British startup Exscientia, which is behind the drug together with the Japanese pharmaceutical company Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma.

He notes that even though the molecule that has now been developed is intended precisely to counteract OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, the algorithm can also be used to produce drugs for other diagnoses and diseases.

Right now, the company is working to obtain medications for cancer treatment and cardiovascular disease using the same method.

“This was the first time we saw an AI-designed drug, but by the end of the decade, all new drugs could potentially be created by AI,” says Andrew Hopkins.

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