Russian cat strolling around artificial paws

Russian cat strolling around artificial paws

Both tail, ears and all four cat paws had to be amputated after the poor female kat Dymka ('fog' in Russian) received fierce frostbite of the bistre Russian winter weather.

Russian cat Dymka got new paws last July, strolling around today like it was born with the prostheses.

Thanks to modern technology, Dymka can now walk again, run and even get upstairs with its new 3D-printed titanium paws.

It is Russian veterinarians from the clinic BEST Veterinary Clinic who have implanted the sci-fi-like paws on Dymka’s amputee legs.

For several years, the animal clinic has collaborated with scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Russia to make prostheses specially designed for animals. The prosthetics have a special coating that should reduce the risk of infection and help the carcass to take better care of the artificial paws.

According to Live Science, the clinic has only once previously performed a similar operation. Dymka is thus the second cat in world history, strutting around with metal and rubber cat paws.

Watch Dumka’s transformation from amputated pet to a scientific miracle in the video here:


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