Is it dangerous to use the water bottle again?

Is it dangerous to use the water bottle again?

Water bottles can accumulate bacteria and leak chemicals. But does that mean they are harmful to use over and over again?

A British newspaper equated drinking from a used water bottle with licking a toilet seat.

We are often warned to reuse a plastic bottle as a water bottle. The warning is based on two fears: First, the plastic can release harmful substances, and there can be many bacteria in the bottle.

The risk of harmful substances from the plastic is usually minimal if the bottle also contained water or something from the beginning.

Then it is approved for the purpose and does not contain dangerous substances that can be released to the water.

The bottle gets dirty

In the case of bacteria, they usually gather around the mouth of the bottle when it comes into contact with the mouth. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the mouth as clean as possible.

However, bacterial growth cannot be completely avoided. Replace the bottle every now and then.

Choose the right bottle.
A disposable bottle is more difficult to rinse and clean, which is why bacteria get stuck more easily to the inside of the bottle. In a smaller study, where 15 disposable bottles were refilled for five days, the bacterial content was found to be eight times higher than in normal tap water – despite the fact that the bottles were washed every day

Two things to avoid


  • Do not fill the water bottle with alcohol. It increases the risk of leakage of harmful substances from the plastic.


  • The risk of both bacteria and leakage of harmful substances increases significantly if the bottle is stored in sunlight.
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