Here are the most dangerous app stores on the web

Here are the most dangerous app stores on the web

A new report from security company Riskiq reveals which stores offer the most apps with malicious code.

Google has begun to use new tools, such as machine learning, to clear out interfering app experiences.

If you want to download apps to your mobile phone or tablet, there are nowadays lots of different shops to turn to. Unfortunately, the increased supply also means that the number of dangerous apps is also growing.

Security company Riskiq has published a new report that reveals where there are most harmful apps. The list is topped by, a store that lets you download free games for Android. In 2019, there were no fewer than 61,669 apps classified as dangerous, which means you take a significant risk if you download something from the store.

Two on the list are the Google Play Store, by far the largest app store. There were 25,647 malicious apps here in 2019, but it should be pointed out that it is only a fraction of the total supply.

Otherwise, there are mainly Chinese app stores on the list, including Zhushou and Vmappapps.

The safest app store may not be entirely unexpected on the App Store, as Apple’s stringent controls make it difficult for developers to spread malicious code.

App stores with the most harmful apps 2019 (number in brackets):

  1. (61 669)
  2. Google Play Store (25,647)
  3. Zhushou (25 091)
  4. Feral Apps (12,079)
  5. Vmappapps (5,972)
  6. Wwwdownloadatoz (4,315)

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Google announced that the company removed close to 600 applications from Google Play Store. This is because the apps used "annoying ads." By "disruptive" ads, Google means ads that interrupt the user experience unexpectedly.

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