Your towel is a bacterial nursery garden

Your towel is a bacterial nursery garden

The bacteria have a party in your towel, and therefore you have to wash it often - probably more often than you think.

Want to stay healthy? Do not share towel

Do not share towel

This is a bold emphasis on NO sharing. Although the towel was only used after a shower, bacteria such as staphylococci can live on the towel from a few hours to days or months. The reason it can survive for so long is because the towel is often damp. Change the towel once a week, let it dry thoroughly, and do not share it with anyone - not even your family members.

Your bath towel is a buffet of moisture and nourishment for the millions of bacteria you transfer to the towel yourself. Therefore, the recommendation is that we wash our bath towels several times a week.

That’s the clear message from microbiology and pathology researchers at New York University School of Medicine, Philip Tierno.

Candy for bacteria

The towel usually has perfect bacterial conditions: The thick fabric retains moisture, heat and not least nutrition in the form of dead skin cells.

You add the bacteria to the cocktail yourself. Every time you dry your wet body with the towel, you, in addition to dead skin cells, also secrete the entire body to the towel from, for example, saliva, ulcer, rectum and urethra. Of course, there are a lot of bacteria in these secretions.

Added to this are any micro drops from toilet flushes, which can spread throughout the bathroom.

The towel must be dry

Philip Tierno concludes that if you have the opportunity to let your towel dry completely every time you use it, it may be enough to wash it after three dryings.

On the other hand, if you just hang the wet towel on a hook in a poorly ventilated bathroom and let it dry slowly for half a day, you should wash it more often – that is, every time or every other time you have used it.

Shared towels can provide staphylococci

The fact that we have not all died in bully plague even though our generally filthy bath towels is due to the fact that it is mainly our own bacteria that grow in our own towel.

And even though it is filthy, our own bacterial flora is usually harmless to us.

However, other people’s bacteria can make you sick. And if any other user has foot fungus, staphylococci, or any superficial inflammation, they can be transmitted to your skin via a towel.

Towels for hand drying are not exposed to as many body secretions, but should still be washed frequently, since they are towels we often share with other people.

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