Replace the front wheel and you have an electric bicycle

Replace the front wheel and you have an electric bicycle

French Teebike develops a small hub motor with built-in batteries that are fitted in a finished wheel. The solution starts to push automatically after 5 km / h, but you can activate a boost function with your mobile.

Cyclists consider themselves contributing to public health, while electric cyclists seem to cheat and take up space on paths where the moral elite should reasonably take precedence.

A new study shows that cyclists roll longer distances than conventional cyclists. The electric cycling job commuters also get as much exercise as those who cycle without the help of batteries. Those cyclists actually use as much energy as those without a motor, even a little more - it shows the study. They estimated the energy consumption of various modes of transport, ranging from electric and conventional bicycles to walking, driving, etc. Then it was checked how long each participant spent on the means of transport per week and how long the distance traveled. The results showed that the cyclists got slightly more exercise each week than regular cyclists.

The electric bicycle premium boosted sales in 2017-2018 when over 89,000 electric bicycles received part of the state subsidy.

Unsurprisingly, it was the more exclusive models that accounted for the increase. In number, the ordinary bicycles were certainly allowed to stand back during the electricity rush, but not seen for economic growth.

Because the trend was that we buy more expensive bicycles ever.

And in the absence of government subsidies, you can turn your conventional two-wheeler into an electric bicycle. All you have to do is replace the front wheel with Teebike.

Unlike loose hub motors that can be purchased online, the French solution consists of a small hub motor with built-in batteries that are fitted in a finished wheel.

According to the manufacturer, anyone should be handy enough to replace the front wheel of their bike and connect it to the included app.

Turns a regular bike into an electric bike

Start-up company founder Laurent Durrieu developed the wheel in 2019. He found that electric bicycles are often heavy, expensive, and overcomplicated.

However, the inspiration came in China, where the Frenchman had a business as a renewable energy contractor.

There he saw the huge bicycle cemeteries for failed companies that dumped their two-wheelers when the Chinese bubble around bicycle-sharing burst. Then Laurent thought that one should really come up with a solution that could turn a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle.

Teebike handles itself, but has a few controls that are handled via the mobile phone.

As soon as the sensors feel that the bike is moving faster than 5 km / h, the engine gives extra power, and it stops operating at 25 km/h.

The wheel is connected to a simple app where you can switch off the engine, but also activate a boost function that provides help from the stationary – for example, if you are to start in an uphill slope.

The app can also lock the front wheel and switch on a theft alarm.

How the company has thought about the theft risk is not clear. On regular bicycles, front wheels are easy to unscrew. Maybe two-bracket locks will be required – one in the frame and one in the front wheel.

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