How is cannabis oil produced?

How is cannabis oil produced?

Cannabis oil consists of substances extracted from the cannabis plant. It is thus a natural product that dominates the cannabis oil. You usually associate cannabis with hash or pot, which is smoked, but cannabis oil is a little different - and also legal in European Union.

Today there are several thousand different species and varieties of Cannabis plants for different purposes. Some are made to have extra THC while others are made to have as low THC as possible and are often called Medical Cannabis

The image shows the exact moment before the hemp is pressed together with a strong vacuum by incredibly strong pressure. Everything is supervised by very well trained staff, and as usual, everything is 100% sterile without the risk of contamination. That's why we call our CBD Oil Premium and one of the cleanest oils in Europe.

There is a distinction in cannabis oil between two types of substances, called THC and CBD, and both come from the cannabis plant. The oil called CBD is legal in Sweden, while THC is not legal.

Cannabis oil is produced by process of evaporation, which forms the consistency of the oil hence the name cannabis oil. Both CBD or THC can be extracted from hemp plants. When you want to obtain cannabis oil with CBD, only the substance CBD is extracted, and in most cases, it is extraction from industrial hemp with low THC content and high CBD content.

You can compare the process with the evaporation process of sugar. The sweet juice is released from sugar beets with warm water. The solution is thoroughly flushed from all foreign matter. The purified solution is concentrated so much that the sugar becomes crystallized.

CBD is typically diluted with healthy vegetable oil, such as vegetable oil or alcohol. The most commonly used method of preparation is through the use of alcohol. The oil is then added to glass bottles or syringes so that the drops can be dosed.

Definition of THC and CBD

CBD is cannabis oil, the content of which is mainly the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). CBD oil has no euphoric substances. The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) oil, on the other hand, contains euphoric substances. Only cannabis oil with CBD is legal in Sweden – and the rest of the EU.

There are various cannabis plant species, including cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis industrials. In the varieties of cannabis oil, there are various compositions of the substances THC and CBD that can be used for different purposes.

CBD oils are mainly used as a dietary supplement where there is little or no THC content. Many people also see medical potential in THC oils. Cannabis oils containing only CBD and not THC can, therefore, not be affected by the consumption of the oil. Cannabis oils with THC are not legal in Sweden.

The cannabis plant cannot be grown without THC. But you can create a process where you only extract the topic CBD.

Before you start using CBD in its various forms and products, it is good to know what CBD and its origin are, and what it comes from. Cannabis oil has become a hot topic, and many people testify to its properties.

CBD Manufacturing

There are lots of different ways to produce CBD, but what is common for all serious manufacturers is how the CBD itself is extracted, and here there are usually only two different ways. One is called Alcohol Extraction, and the other is CO2 Extraction.

Alcohol Extraction

The alcohol method works so that you grind or chop the plant and then you pour it into a pot and then mix it with a solvent, most of the solvents today are alcohol-based, but there are also cheap solvents from Asia or the eastern states that have a form of alcohol itself. Since solvents are very affordable today, this particular method is the most common extraction method in many countries. When this is mixed, you heat the vessel until it is allowed to boil, and the alcohol should then evaporate and remain greasy mourning, which you often have to strain by hand and sometimes even boil again to remove more of the solvent.

When “everything” solvent is evaporated and the only thing left is a thick pine, then you scrape it out of the vessel and mix it with ordinary olive oil which you usually also bought very cheaply. The end product should not look this way where you clearly see impurities, and it is clear that in this case, the oil is very contaminated. After a successful and professionally executed extraction with alcohol, the final product should be consistent of the same color and have a clear and subtle dark color.

For a producer, it is a straightforward method, and you do not have to buy lots of expensive instruments or machines. So many companies choose this particular method in Sweden precisely because it is so simple and economical. However, it has some disadvantages; for example, it is not possible to get all excellent properties from the plant in the same amount as with the CO2 method. It has also been found that many manufacturers use cheap alcohol solutions that have many other substances in them, such as heavy metals and other pollutants.

Today there are sellers in the EU who produce their CBD oil on the stove at home in the apartment and others who do it in their garage. It is awful, and in such environments, you can never guarantee that other bacteria or substances do not contaminate the products.

In favor of the regulation of the market, we welcome such control. It will clear the market from rogue traders and make it safer for users of CBD throughout the EU.

CO2 Extraction

The other method of extracting CBD from the industrial hemp is utilizing “pressurized Carbon Dioxide” (CO2), where no other substances come into contact with the plant material. It is the best method for extracting CBD from the hemp.

However, it is also the most costly as it takes both longer and costs more. With the CO2 method, you need an expensive machine that cools down the plant material extremely cold and then, with the help of the pressure from the Carbon Dioxide, compresses the content and, in this way, get precisely the Cannabinoids you want (briefly explained).

With this rigorous control, protection, and hygiene policy, you may understand why this particular method is much more expensive and absolutely nothing you cook together at home in the kitchen or a garage. Everything is taken care of and monitored throughout the process by well-trained staff and, at the same time, computer controlled systems that ensure that all the good is removed from every little plant part from the hemp.

Because, for example, CBD oil is a product that many people use, we feel a strong obligation to you as a user that our products maintain the highest quality, and no contaminants or foreign substances should be included in the final product.

A product you should trust

From the outset, we chose to work only with certified and approved food producers when developing our CBD. Of course, we had no opportunity to start and build a real laboratory or factory on this scale, so we chose to fine-tune the whole of Europe for the absolute best and finest plant we could. We found it at one of our suppliers we have already worked with since 2011 for other purposes. After several visits to the factory, we were convinced of its quality and ability to produce our CBD.

The exact moment before the hemp is pressed together with a strong vacuum by incredibly strong pressure. As usual, everything is supervised by very well trained staff, and as usual, everything is 100% sterile without the risk of contamination. That’s why we call our CBD Oil Premium and one of the cleanest oils in Europe.

You should feel safe when shopping products from Ahileo. We know that many people who use our products are sick or have other problems and it is our duty that our products hold the highest quality so that no other substances, especially pollutants are included in the product.

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