Cannabis oil: Uses, health benefits, and side effects

Cannabis oil: Uses, health benefits, and side effects

Although cannabis has been used for many years, the plant is first and foremost known for its euphoric effect, which can be achieved if you smoke or otherwise consume cannabis. The big criminal market that followed in the wake of cannabis has been a significant obstacle to overcome.

Around 80 hemp varieties have been approved throughout Europe. Cultivation of these varieties is only allowed for certified farmers. Only certified seeds may be used. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food annually checks whether the conditions are met.

All cannabis oils, including CBD-reduced variants, have been shown to be effective in relieving pain. In particular, chronic pain that comes from osteoarthritis, and especially if users take the oil regularly. Cannabinoids fight inflammation and can be used on the skin and are effective in combating acne and psoriasis. Cannabinoids can also help treat mental problems associated with depression or anxiety. Cannabis oil can also help against sleep disorders, reduce appetite and are therefore it is used by some people who are fighting obesity.

For decades, cannabis criminalization has overshadowed the opportunity to look into the drug more closely to see if cannabis users have not had a point when they repeatedly claim that cannabis has been a big help. Even when other medications did not help.

Fortunately, we have reached a stage where the medical use of cannabis is legal. Although it is under certain restrictions. This has led to more research on cannabis’s effects on several somatic and mental disorders. Although clinical trials have been few, there is still plenty of evidence that cannabis has a positive impact on a variety of symptoms. However, it is still doubtful whether cannabis, for example, is an excellent antidote for cancer – but research in the area is still ongoing.

Health benefits of cannabis oil

By now, it is well known – even in many constituencies where resistance to cannabis oil has been high – that the substance has a beneficial effect on many symptoms. It may be symptoms that come as a result of another treatment, or that the symptoms are a disease in itself. In recent years, research in cannabis oil has gained momentum. Even though we wish cannabis got more attention, we should primarily be glad that politicians, doctors and scientists have begun to take people’s stories about the subject seriously.

A pain-relieving substance

Cannabis oil has been shown to have a pain-relieving effect. Whether it is talk of pain from cancer patients, or if it is one of the many different rheumatic diseases that exist, almost all users tell about increased well-being and excellent pain relief.

In addition to cannabis oil being able to help with pain caused by, for example, cancer or chemotherapy, cannabis oil can also help with an acute pain, where you would typically have been offered another drug. But it is still a long way until the traditional use of pain relievers, such as morphine, will welcome the use of cannabis oil in the emergency room.

Can help with epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disease. That is, it has its origin in the brain, where it can cause untreated seizures that can manifest in different ways. There may be severe seizures or minor seizures where the patient cannot communicate with the outside world.

Epilepsy is a disease that can take up considerable space in both the patient’s and relatives’ lives. Fortunately, cannabis oil, or hemp oil, has been shown to have a positive effect on the seizures that the patient may experience. In particular, the substance THC has an effect. THC connects the brain cells responsible for regulating muscle contractions and can, therefore, help to reduce cancer attacks significantly.

Has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is another brain disease that rapidly and without mercy reduces the ability of humans to move around the world. Both mentally and physically. It is a dementia disease and usually starts with memory problems. The person affected can change nature and change behaviour.

Many studies have tried to show – or reject – that cannabis oil can help these patients. In a 2014 study in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, researchers found that only a minimal amount of the drug THC could reduce the production of the protein responsible for the rapid progression of the disease. It is not a cure, but a symptom treatment that can relieve the condition and increase the patient’s quality of life.

Sclerosis patients usually experience an improvement

Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Around our nerve fibres, there is a myelin sheath which seems insulating. These skis are destroyed when a patient is affected by sclerosis. There is an inflammation that in its nature is similar to that seen in, for example, rheumatoid arthritis.

Cannabis oil has proven time and time again to be very effective in reducing the symptoms caused by sclerosis. The active substances in cannabis are highly anti-inflammatory, which is just a nice word that means the substances counteract the inflammatory condition that results from sclerosis.

Good for the heart

Cannabis oil have a positive impact on your heart. Cannabis oil can help to create a better balance between the different types of cholesterol found in the body. At the same time, it seems that cannabis oil can stimulate the production of antioxidants, which is very important for a healthy heart. Antioxidants are also found in red wine which in moderate amounts has a positive effect on your heart health.

We should pay attention to the fact that not a great deal of clinical trials have been conducted that have shown that cannabis oil actually had this effect at these times. But in many cases, there has been a general improvement in heart health in patients who have used cannabis oil in other contexts.

Health Disadvantages of Cannabis Oil

When a new drug sees the light of day, a large number of tests have gone through. It happens for several reasons. It is relevant and exciting to find out how the substance works and if it has any side effects that are so violent that it should not be used. People have been using cannabis for many years, and there is a deep knowledge of its chemistry and efficacy. However, medical use has only recently been recognized, and several clinical trials have shown that the side effects are few and insignificant.

Dry mouth

After taking cannabis oil, you may experience a dry mouth. It is not dangerous, and you can relieve the thirst by drinking a glass of water. The feeling of that dry mouth is also well known by cannabis users, where it usually occurs immediately after consuming cannabis. Especially if you smoke it.

Low blood pressure

Taking a high dose of cannabis oil may cause a slight drop in blood pressure. It usually occurs shortly after eating the cannabis oil, and you may feel a bit dizzy. After a short while, your blood pressure will normalize.

You may feel dizzy

As a result of the fall in blood pressure, you may feel dizzy. This feeling can sometimes stop for a while – even if your blood pressure is normal again. A cup of coffee or a cup of tea with caffeine can help with that side effect.

You may feel lethargic and tired

Taking a high dose of cannabis oil may make you feel drowsy or sleepy. At such times, you should relax and keep in mind not to drive a car or other vehicle.

Cannabis oil is the right choice

Cannabis is increasingly accepted in the EU market, and it is our hope that it will help lots of people. Whether it is about healthy people who want to take a healthy dietary supplement for preventive purposes, or if they are patients with severe chronic pain. Like other supplements, cannabis oil can have side effects. And as with all other types of drugs, there is a big difference in how each patient reacts.

However, it seems that the beneficial effect of cannabis oil is in most cases, far greater than the side effects that people may experience. You can use cannabis oil as a supplement to other medicines, or you can substitute your medication for nausea with cannabis oil – the effect has proven to be good. We hope that the increased focus on cannabis’s positive effect will get more doctors and researchers to take it seriously, that the path opens for new and better treatment alternatives.

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