CBD oil: Different percentages – how does it work?

CBD oil: Different percentages – how does it work?

Which one to choose? 2%, 5%, 15%, 300mg, 900mg… Many are confused about the content of cannabinoids.

Just eating the meat does not give a great gastronomic experience. Delicious hamburgers are not just meat. It is bread, salad, dressing that gives the whole.

If you look on drugs, which are often produced chemically and extremely unnatural for our bodies, the body reacts negatively in many cases. Our bodies often treat unnatural preparations as poison, and we will try to clear it out as soon as possible. So there is nothing that is supposed to stop us, and the body is not built for it.

Unfortunately, I often hear people say that they should have the best, the “strongest”. That statement is entirely wrong. Here comes a little explanation.

Now let’s count a little. Assume you are hungry and decide to eat a burger. You know you usually get measured on a 100g burger. Once you reach the hamburger chop you will have two choices:

2nd 50g burger or 1st 100g

Which one should I choose to be measured?

2 x 50g or 1 x 100g

In practice, it does not matter.

You get your 100 grams of meat in both options.

But, just eating the meat does not give a great gastronomic experience, right?

Delicious hamburgers are not just meat. It is bread, salad, dressing etc. that gives the whole.

If you choose the option with two burgers, you get almost twice as much of the other good parts of the burger and the overall taste experience becomes greater.

This is also the case with CBD in hemp drops. CBD is the “meat bit”, but the other parts are at least as necessary to get the optimal effect. 

There is a study which shows that all the substances in the hemp plant interact to provide the optimal health effect. If you only use the compound CBD, both higher dosage and more precise dosage are required to get an effect, compared to the natural variant containing all the useful substances from the plant.

If you take two drops of a 2% oil, you get exactly the same amount of cannabinoids as you take one drop of 4%. However, you get twice as much of the other useful substances if you choose 2% oil compared to 4%.

So it is far from obvious that you will get a better and stronger effect of oil on say 15%. Know that sellers are trying to claim it, but then it is their wallet that speaks. The research says something completely different.

The oil with the higher percentage is not better in some way. Once you get your personal amount (in mg) of cannabinoids, you are “saturated”. You control that amount by taking more or less drops depending on the concentration in the oil.

Lower percentages may even be better

What I want to point out here is that higher percentages do not mean a stronger and better effect. The percentage can be seen more as a guideline for dosing. It is you who control the amount of cannabinoids that you get by taking the right amount.

However, no one can say in advance what quantity is right for you. You have to test yourself for it.

Depending on the content of the cannabinoids the oil has, each drop gets a certain strength. If you have an oil with a high content of cannabinoids, it can differ significantly between one drop and two drops. If you have not tested what amount to take, it may be more challenging to find the right one if you have an oil that is too concentrated and every step (drop) becomes too large.

The tip is that you start with natural oil that is at a relatively low concentration, maybe 2-3%. Then the step between the drops is not so high, and you can easily test yourself to your own personal level.

When you know your daily intake, it may be a good idea to consider whether to test a higher concentration or not. But then more in order to avoid taking so many drops.

What you might also consider is the price per mg of cannabinoids. Sometimes it can be cheaper per mg with a higher concentration, but not always. But just as the study showed, a higher dose of the other substances in the plant may be needed to provide an optimal effect. So the risk is that you pay less per cannabinoid amount but lose in effect. Then you have not saved anything.

Another critical factor

A huge factor is also the quality of the oil. Oil can have high levels of cannabinoids but otherwise lack many other essential and useful substances. Unfortunately, we have started to see more and more dealers selling more inferior quality oils and often at lower prices. So the focus is on the money and not on trying to help people feel good.

The people who test these oils do not get the health results they expected and might have received an edible oil. So it is regrettable when it comes to rogue players who are just looking for your wallet and who do not care how you feel.

We have also seen dealers/manufacturers who stated incorrect percentages. E.g. it may be that they indicate the percentage of the cannabinoid concentrate they mix into the oil. It can be very misleading for those who compare different makes.

How do you calculate the percentage?

Divide the weight of cannabinoids (mg) by volume (ml) and then divide by 10.

Ex. 900mg / 30ml = 30, 30/10 = 3% cannabinoids in the bottle

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