Drug to increase women’s sex drive contains illegal substances

Drug to increase women’s sex drive contains illegal substances

Potential drugs and supplements that are said to increase women's sexual desire contain illegal substances that can be dangerous to health. This shows a study that the Swedish Medicines Agency and Stockholm City Food Control have done together.

Has it stopped teasing - completely? Low sex drive can be a signal of more serious problems, both physical and mental.

Sex drive can vary greatly from person to person and is also greatly influenced by a number of factors, so no one is well sucked constantly. The most important thing in this context is, how you feel and how you experience your desire for sex. If you suffer from reduced sex drive, it can affect both your self-image and your relationship with your partner, and then it is really time to investigate why this has become so.

They bought ten supplements in various Stockholm stores that are marketed as potency or appetite enhancers. A laboratory analysis of the products showed that eight of the ten contained chemical pharmaceutical substances that were not included in the table of contents. Substances can be dangerous for some people and the Swedish Medicines Agency recommends not using these supplements.

“Unfortunately, these results show that this type of cheating is still widespread,” says Tomas Nilsson, investigator at the Swedish Medicines Agency.

– The products say that they contain different plants, vitamins or amino acids, but to get the desired effect, other substances are also added. But this does not give the consumer any information.

Potassium can cause a fall in blood pressure

The substances found were, among others, sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil, all of which are found in drugs used in the treatment of erection problems. One of the problems with the substances is that they can cause severe hypotension in people with angina.

– In Sweden, medicines with these substances are prescription-based on good grounds, says Tomas Nilsson.

– It is important to exclude that potency problems are due to some illness before starting with potency enhancers. The doctor also needs to monitor that the drugs do not affect, for example, your blood pressure and that they do not affect the effects of other drugs you use.

Several other substances

Among the controlled products, three were directed to women and two of them contained drug substances. One product contained flibanserin, which in the US is used to treat low sex drive in women.

Other drug substances were also found in smaller quantities, such as the anti-inflammatory drug metamizole, which is only found in medicines for animals in Sweden. Another substance found was the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) dapoxetine. SSRIs are commonly used as antidepressants, but dapoxetine is used in Sweden to treat premature ejaculation in cases where it is considered medically justified.

The Swedish Medicines Agency and the City of Stockholm have contacted the stores that have sold the products and informed about the results of the analyzes.

– The stores now have the opportunity to voluntarily remove the current supplements from the shelves. Otherwise, the orders may be relevant, says Tomas Nilsson.

The Swedish Medicines Agency will also contact the foreign wholesalers from whom the stores have purchased the products.

– In addition, we have notified pharmaceutical authorities in other countries.

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